Awareness Training Course First Time In Sultanate Of Oman. Attested by Ministry Of Manpower

  Ministerial decree no 286/2008

Occupational  Health and Safety


Presentation Contents  محتويات الدورة

§  Objectives    الاهداف

§  Introduction of HSE مقدمة عن الصحة و السلامة و البيئة

§  Health and Safety Hazards مخاطر الصحة و السلامة المهنية

§  HSE Compliance  التقيد بالصحة و السلامة

§  HSE Briefing  الايجازقبل البدء بأي عمل

§  Employers Responsible Duties مسؤوليات الشركة على العامل

§  Employees Responsible Duties مسؤوليات العامل للشركة

§  Summary  الخلاصة


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Mrs. Ambica – Course Coordinator

Mobile : 93 83 1073, 98294266, 98805206.   Tel : 220 37 918


Office No – 42,4th Floor, Al souroh Building, Opp.Zubair,                                                                         Next to Man Truck Showroom,                                                                                                                             Ghala, Muscut, Sultanate of Oman, Next to Man Truck Showroom, Ghala, Muscut,                     Sultanate of Oman,  Email :

Microsoft HoloLens



Transform your world with holograms.

We envisioned a world where TECHNOLOGY could become more personal—where it could adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. Where our digital lives would seamlessly connect with real life.

The result is the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform, enabled by Windows 10. For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens brings high-definition holograms to life in your world, where they integrate with your physical places, spaces, and things.

Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done before.

Transform your world with holograms.

We envisioned a world where TECHNOLOGY could become more personal—where it could adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. Where our digital lives would seamlessly connect with real life.

The result is the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform, enabled by Windows 10. For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens brings high-definition holograms to life in your world, where they integrate with your physical places, spaces, and things.

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Solar Impulse: Oman to India journey sets new record


Solar Impulse, the fuel-free aeroplane, has successfully completed the second leg of its historic attempt to fly around the world.

Project CHAIRMAN, Bertrand Piccard, piloted the vehicle from Muscat in Oman to Ahmedabad in India, crossing the Arabian Sea in the process.

Tuesday’s journey took just over 15 hours.

The distance covered – 1,468km – set a new world record for a flight in a piloted solar-powered plane.

The vehicle has another 10 legs ahead of it over the course of the next five months.

Included in that itinerary will be DEMANDING stretches when the craft has to fly over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.



Piccard is sharing the flying duties with project PARTNER and CEO, Andre Borschberg, who made Monday’s inaugural trip from Abu Dhabi to Muscat.

Solar Impulse arrived in Ahmedabad in darkness, its wings illuminated by LEDs, and its propellers driven by the energy stored in its batteries.

The plane had left Muscat at 06.35 (02:35 GMT) and put its wheels down at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at 23.25 local time (17:55 GMT).

Preparations are already under way for the next leg to Varanasi in northeast India, although mission planners say that will not be for another four days, at least.

The time will be spent carrying a campaigning message on the topic ofclean technologies to the local Ahmedabad people, and the wider Indian population.





The Solar Impulse project has already set plenty of other world records for solar-powered flight, including making a high-profile transit of the US in 2013.

But the round-the-world venture is altogether more dramatic and daunting, and has required the construction of an even bigger plane than the prototype, Solar Impulse-1.

This new model has a wingspan of 72m, which is wider than a 747 jumbo jet. And yet, it weighs only 2.3 tonnes.

Its light weight will be critical to its success.

So, too, will the performance of the 17,000 solar cells that line the top of the wings, and the energy-dense lithium-ion batteries it will use to sustain night-time flying.

Operating through darkness will be particularly important when the men have to cross the Pacific and the Atlantic.

The slow speed of their prop-driven plane means these legs will take several days and nights of non-stop flying to complete.

Piccard and Borschberg – they take it in turns to fly solo – will have to stay alert for nearly all of the time they are airborne.

They will be permitted only catnaps of up to 20 mins – in the same way a single-handed, round-the-world yachtsman would catch small periods of sleep.

They will also have to endure the physical discomfort of being confined in a cockpit that measures just 3.8 cubic metres in volume – not a lot bigger than a public telephone box.



Bertrand Piccard looking fresh after more than 15 hours in the cockpit of Solar Impulse

The Solar Impulse venture recalls other great circumnavigation feats in aviation – albeit fuelled ones.

In 1986, the Voyager aircraft became the first to fly around the world without stopping or refuelling.

Piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, the propeller-driven vehicle took nine days to complete its journey.

Then, in 2005, this time was beaten by the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, which was solo-piloted by Steve Fossett.

A jet-powered plane, GlobalFlyer completed its non-stop circumnavigation in just under three days. 

Five-day solo flight over the Pacific – Solar Impulse’s biggest challenge?

Pilot Andre Borschberg gives a guided tour of the solar plane

Andre Borschberg is a trained engineer and former air-force pilot, he has built a career as an entrepreneur in internet TECHNOLOGIES.

Bertrand Piccard is well known for his ballooning exploits. Along with Brian Jones, he completed the first non-stop, circumnavigation of the world in 1999, using the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon. The Piccard name has become synonymous with pushing boundaries.

Bertrand’s father, Jacques Piccard, was the first to reach the deepest place in the ocean (a feat achieved with Don Walsh in the Trieste bathyscaphe in 1960). And his grandfather, Auguste Piccard, was the first person to take a balloon into the stratosphere, in 1931.





Oman weather: Heavy rain, thunderstorm likely to hit Oman


      Muscat :      Different parts of Oman are likely to witness rain and thunderstorm starting from Wednesday until Thursday, according to the Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN), which monitors weather conditions in Oman.

“Musandam witnessed drizzle on Tuesday night and the coastal areas of Oman too are likely to have rains,” said a senior official of DGMAN on Tuesday.

He added that most parts of the Sultanate will witness hazy weather with chances of convective cloud development with rains over the Al Hajar Mountains and Musandam governorate on these two days.

“Then there are chances of low level clouds development or fog patches on Wednesday morning along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea,” it said.

Cloudy skies :
                                 In the next 48 hours, it said, there would be partly cloudy skies over the governorates of Musandam, Buraimi, Al Dhahira, Northern and southern Al Batinah and Muscat apart from Al Dakhiliah and northern and southern Al Sharqiya with chances of rain and occasional thundershowers associated with winds and hail on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The sea will be rough over the Musandam governorate and the Oman coast,” it added. However, till the filing of this report it had not rained as predicted, but the skies over Musandam were cloudy.

“We also heard reports that it will start to rain in the evening, but even though the skies are cloudy, there has been no rain,” confirmed a resident of Khasab, on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, the Public Authority of Civil Aviation has urged people to take all precautions while crossing wadis. It has also asked fishermen and seafarers to check weather forecasts before venturing into the sea.

Nebosh 18th weekend batch started

Warm Greetings

Thank you for your kind enquiry.

Please find below our Upcoming Batch details for the NEBOSH INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE

NEBOSH : International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is a globally recognised qualification offered by an established independent UK examination board with over 30 years’ experience in providing health and safety awards in the UK and across the world including the Middle East, the West Indies and Southeast Asia.

 Mode of Training – Weekend Batch  (Course Fee - 650 OMR )  — Please note special discounted course fee RO 625 OMR applicable for this Batch- So register soon to avail this discount. 

 Venue:   In our Center

 Reddots Training and Services

Office No : 42, 4th Floor, Al Souroh Tower

Next to Man Truck Showroom| Ghala |

|Muscat | Sultanate of Oman|

|Tel :  + 968-22037918, |

|GSM : +968-93831073,| 96282743 | 98805206

What kind of people take the NEBOSH International General Certificate?

Managers, supervisors and employees based outside the UK who require a broad knowledge and understanding of health and safety principles and practices.  The qualification focuses on international standards and management systems, enabling candidates to effectively discharge workplace health and safety responsibilities in any employment sector, in all parts of the world.  The NEBOSH International General Certificate is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety, providing a sound basis for progression on to the NEBOSH International Diploma.

 Please find below the schedule for NEBOSH International General Certificate Weekend Batch :







































































* Kindly note training schedule and exam dates to be changed at the discretion of the management


Thanks With Regards

|Ambica | Course Co ordinator |

| P.O. Box – 2902 | PC-111| Muscat |Oman|

| Phone: +986 22037918, 24 595645| Fax: + 968 24 59 5040|

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safety training

safety training

all kind of safety trainings will be conducted in reddots training institute at ghala,

Contract :

Thanks With Regards



|Ambica | Co ordinator |Admin & HR|

| P.O. Box – 2902 | PC-111| Muscat |Oman|

| Phone: +986 22037918, 24 595645| Fax: + 968 24 59 5040|

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| Email: | Web: |



DCRP Stakeholder Gathering

Under the auspices of H.E. Mohamed bin Abdullah Al-Mahrooqi , chairman of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW), DCRP stakeholder gathering was successfully conducted on 18th of December 2011, at Intercontinental hotel. Sector companies, contractors, consultants, vendors and distinguished guests were proactively present at the  gathering.

Three main agenda items were presented and discussed :-

1- Electrical Accidents of 2011

The panel discussion has concluded with the following recommendations

  • Further improve Risk Assessment before and after incidents.
  • Carry out periodic HSSE audits on  contractors and sector companies.
  • Establish HSSE working group as part of DCRP.
  • Post accidents at DCRP Web-Site.
  • Carry out on job safety training and use multiple languages to suit the workforce.

nebosh international

NEBOSH International Ggeneral certificate  IGC  in oman

About exemptions

Some NEBOSH qualifications have units in common.  This enables students to use the same unit ‘Pass’ to count towards more than one NEBOSH qualification eg,  Unit NGC1 of the National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is also a unit of the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety and the NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.  If you hold the National General Certificate, it counts as an exemption for Unit NGC1 of both the Construction and the Fire Certificate.  The same principle applies to the international variants of the qualification where Unit IGC1 can be used as an exemption instead of Unit NGC1.

Important information regarding exemptions:

  • For candidates using Certificate level units as an exemption – exemptions are normally valid for 5 years from their declaration date.
  • For candidates using Diploma level units or qualifications as exemption – exemptions are valid for 5 years.  Where students have completed the whole qualification, the declaration date of the whole qualification will be used.
  • The declaration date is the date printed on the unit certificate (or qualification parchment where applicable).
  • Exemption qualifying period – the examination date for the last unit of the new qualification must be within 2 or 5 years (see above) of the declaration date of the unit being used as an exemption. Any unit or qualification which falls outside of the qualifying period CANNOT be used as an exemption.

Please click here for a list of current relevant exemptions.


Oil Prices


The Oil Price Wars Have Begun

The fact that Saudi Arabia produces nearly 10 million barrels of oil a day is not the only reason it’s been called “the central bank of oil.” The desert kingdom has earned that designation by using that massive output to have a singular influence on the oil market for decades. Most recently, it has used its heavy hand to help keep the average annual price of Brent crude hugging $110 for each of the past three years. With oil prices plummeting of late, then, it was reasonable to assume that Saudi Arabia would respond to the rout by encouraging its fellow members of OPEC to slash production at their meeting late last month.   That didn’t happen. OPEC’s decision to keep its production target unchanged sent oil prices even lower, and Brent hit a five-year low of $66.84 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) closed at $63.05 on Monday. But the long-term implications of the decision may be far more significant than the short-term ones. It’s quite possible that the cartel has decided to abandon its long-held role as a swing producer that could dictate the direction of the market, says Credit Suisse oil analyst Jan Stuart.   In doing so, it’s effectively handing that responsibility to non-OPEC suppliers such as the U.S., Russia and Canada. U.S. shale producers will play a particularly important role in setting prices, Stuart says, because their output is growing fast—so much so that they helped the U.S. overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer this year. It’s hard to predict exactly how U.S. shale will handle this role, especially since the industry is made up of hundreds of independent oil companies rather than a small cartel of nations that is used to making collective decisions. “It’s going to be a messy and uneven affair and will take a while,” Stuart says.   The U.S. shale companies will surely be reluctant to put new projects on hold or cut production right away, especially since many are used to the boom times and have promised shareholders rapid growth. But eventually they’ll have to: Credit Suisse estimates that the price of WTI needs to be about $75 per barrel for the industry to keep funding its growth shale fields. But supplies cannot fall all that fast. Industry inertia means that all else equal, the need to build inventory in the first quarter will most likely keep WTI prices at an average of $62 a barrel in the first quarter, according to Credit Suisse. As companies begin to curtail growth, WTI should rebound to $70 per barrel by the second quarter. The only saving grace for U.S. producers, Stuart says, would be a major disruption in global supply or a pick-up in demand. The former is not exactly the kind of thing a serious management team would count on and the latter is doubtful given sluggish growth in China, Japan and Europe.   Nobody wants to be a swing producer in down times, either. If WTI averages $70 per barrel in 2015, cash flow for shale producers will fall by 20 percent next year and capital expenditures will drop 18 percent, according to Credit Suisse. The likely result, according to Stuart, is that shale production will only grow by 400,000 barrels a day next year, compared to a forecasted increase of 1.1 million barrels this year. Some companies in North Dakota’s Bakken formation will be especially vulnerable because the region has been picked over to a greater degree and resource rocks in the Eagle Ford formation or Permian Basin tend to perform better.   All that said, the end of U.S. shale is not nigh. Sustained lower prices will surely force the industry onto a slower growth path. New drilling projects will be put on hold and there will be layoffs, and Stuart sees total cash flows falling from $170 billion a year to $140 billion. But those companies with strong balance sheets should be able to withstand the impending pressure, and some that need it may still have access to debt markets. “This is not an industry that’s getting into a crisis from a position of weakness, but a position of strength,” Stuart says. “You can’t kill the U.S. shale industry.” – See more at: